Catch BØRNS on his headline tour supporting his debut album Dopamine (out Oct 16). Tickets are selling out quickly, so grab yours today. Full list of tour dates HERE.



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It's you......Garrett Borns.  I have finally discovered who is behind that stunning voice that makes me run to see who is playing on Pandora. It is so refreshing to hear genuine talent in this day and age.  I am officially obsessed. It has been a true pleasure discovering Borns works and  I know we will be hearing much more of you to come!  Please take good care of yourselves so you can continue to awe and inspire us with your epic talent. I hope to see you when you come to San Fran!  

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I'm considering walking down the aisle to Electric Love at my wedding on June 10th in St. Louis. Any chance Garrett could pop in and do it live?

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Totally in love with BØRNS and his music. Dopamine is hands down the greatest album I have ever had the privilege to listen to. :-) Cant wait til he comes back to the states!


Any chance you might pop on over to New Zealand after you have done Sydney?